J.K. Rowling Plans to Build Hagrid's Hut on the Edge of Her 162-Acre Estate

The author is bringing her awesome universe to life with this personal project.

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Admit it: you still wish that the Harry Potter universe was real and that you could play Quidditch, ride dragons, and hang out with Hermoine. Sadly, the closest you can get is The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, but Orlando, Florida isn't exactly Scotland. Author J.K. Rowling must have shared our fantasies and wanted to make it a reality for herself, because she plans to build the iconic hut where Rubeus Hagrid lived right on the grounds of her massive Scottish estate.

According to Telegraph, Rowling wants the "stone-built summerhouse" to be built near the forest at the edge of the £1.9 million Killiechassie Estate that she purchased back in 2001. The application to build the "circular structure, open to the front, with a stone bench and slate roof" reportedly came with the stipulation that no trees be cut or damaged during construction. There is no mention of a pumpkin patch or space to tie up a Hippogriff.

[via Telegraph]

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