Iggy Azalea Talks About Her Boob Job With "Vogue" for Their Upcoming Shape Issue

Iggy talks body image, not making it as a model, and gives a tour of her studio in Los Angeles.

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During a recent interview and shopping trip with Vogue, Iggy Azalea spoke about her failed attempts to break into modeling when she arrived in the United States because of her body type, and about the things she would change about herself. Iggy said in the interview that she has had work done, but not in the area that a lot of people would assume.

There had been rumors on the Internet that the rapper got breast implants as early as December, but it had never been confirmed. "I did change something: Four months ago, I got bigger boobs!" Iggy told Vogue. "I’d thought about it my entire life." She said that she had chosen not to talk about it because she didn't want it to have a negative influence on her young female fans, but she recently decided that she "wasn’t into secret-keeping." 

As for her modeling career, Iggy said that agencies weren't interested in someone her size. "Once they measured my body they didn't want me anymore." She also said that being told to lose weight and get a nose job changed how she saw herself in the mirror.

For her Vogue feature, Iggy also participated in the magazine's "73 Questions" interview series, answering rapid-fire questions as she gave an informal tour of studio in Los Angeles. Check out the video below:

[via Vogue]

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