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You've never seen slang addressed like this, people. Over at Jezebel, Julianne Shepherd, aka Jawnita, took the time to dive in and explain how Hood By Air and its designer Shayne Oliver have basically taken the term "fuccboi" under their collective wing and made the term not only relevant, but lessen its inherent negativity. While the piece also addresses and defines "fuccboi" for the feminist masses, it looks at the fuccboi on a broader scale: a community that has evolved out of a fashion ethos.

The fuccboi does not begin and end with the attire—not merely a lumping together of Hood By Air, KTZ, Off-White (formerly Pyrex Vision), Been Trill all rolled into one. No, it's in the manner of dress that the fuccboi differentiates itself from the crowd. The checklist: awkward demeanor, thirst to be accepted by others and a whole lot of disposable income. In essence, it is a desire to be accepted into a community they are decidedly not a part of. It's a middle school-like situation that manifests itself more often later in life than we'd really care for. Call it, adult-onset culture vulturing.

But no brand or designer has been as forward about the term "fuccboi" as HBA and Oliver. In fact, Oliver named his F/W 14 collection "Fuccboi," not only addressing his brand's association with the term, but, in effect, reclaiming the word and flipping the negative connotation surrounding it. With the term possibly taking root in the homophobia of the mid-00s, Oliver's adoption of the phrase has effectively worked to nullify and alter who and what future fuccbois will actually be.

The fact is, the fuccboi will always be around in different forms. They don't have to exclusively wear the likes of HBA. See, fuccbois come in all forms. And with a cosign like Oliver's, who knows where things can go from here. Maybe the future is brighter than we could have ever imagined.