While it’s easy to think of fashion as one of the most exclusive lanes in culture—for good and for bad—the reality is that personal style is one of the most diverse and inclusive facets of life right now. No matter who you are or where you come from, owning your personal style is the first step towards self-expression and showing the world what you stand for.

Whether you’re an artist or an athlete, a creator or a collector, the ability to send a message through what you wear is something we all have in common. And in a world where sneaker raffles and limited-edition drops make it harder than ever to secure statement pieces, StockX is giving people increased access to what they want and love.

Empowering people to find self-confidence via style is the inspiration behind StockX’s first global brand campaign, Own it, which champions those looking to tell the world what they’re about—without necessarily even saying a word.

The campaign is spearheaded by a film spotlighting some diverse cultural game-changers who use StockX to own their style. Complex spoke to pro skateboarder Robert Neal, hooper-turned-viral sensation Jamad Fiin and—from Europe—Denmark’s famed (and formerly ‘faceless’) sneakerhead Sallys Sneakers and Parisian collector Tonton Gibs—below.