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Mango Man—the menswear offshoot of Barcelona-born imprint Mango—present Family Portraits, their all-new campaign for Autumn/Winter ‘21, which celebrates unity and togetherness with an array of clean wardrobe essentials.

Mango Man spotlight their new season with candid photography featuring seven real families from around the Mediterranean, each of them sharing stories that focus on the beauty of differing familial dynamics. While Mango Man is, of course, focused on menswear, the family aspect of this intimate, heart-warming campaign invites other Mango franchises into the fold. From mothers, brothers and sisters, to fathers, grandmothers and some couples too, each intersection between their varying relationships is brought together as they wear pieces from the AW21 collection.

The García family is presented as three generations: Devyn, her mother and her grandmother. The Clark siblings—Bronte, Carter and Darcy—stand next to their mother, Caroline Barton, while the Dia family comes as the brothers Alpha and Ousseynou and their grandmother, Birane. Elsewhere, Clément Chabernaud—presented as the head of his family—is accompanied by his brother and his father. There are also two couples: Julia Bergshoeff and Camille Tanoh, and Gigi Ringel and Eeva Lioni. Finally, the sisters Ashley Radjarme and Shirley Radjarme round off the family ties deeply rooted in this refined range.

Staple menswear pieces from Mango Man arrive in neutral colours of beige, black and white, with classic pieces such as overcoats and work jackets giving the new collection a sophisticated touch. Denim and trousers arrive in well-tailored fits, while pieces such as the Ecru turtle neck and flight jacket perfect transitional pieces from the season, with the cuts of the silhouettes adding to the premium look and feel.

The collection goes beyond delivering a strong new aesthetic, with Mango Man increasing their commitment to sustainability by using sustainable advertising banners for the very first time. Set to be displayed in Madrid and Barcelona, the PVC-free banner provides a lower environmental impact in the recycling process. PURETi—an inorganic nano-glue—will also be used throughout each regional installation process, with the film purifying contaminated air in cities upon contact while reducing indirect greenhouse gases and the particles that cause smog in the atmosphere to improve the air quality in each Mango location across Europe.

Get a closer look at Mango’s ‘Family Portraits’ campaign for AW21 below, and head to Mango’s website in the UK, the US, Spain and France to cop pieces from the range today.