London-based imprint Unyforme Design have released a new film, 'Run Black Boy, Run!' to coincide with the launch of their new "Sweet Mother" denim jeans. 

Written by Michael Dairo and directed by Béni Fundr, 'Run Black Boy, Run!' is a short visual focusing on the life of a young black male in an 'alternate world' trying to find peace and in a world full of chaos. With the events that happened earlier this year after the death of George Floyd, the video is supposed to juxtapose and represent a different way of life for a black man, one that's full of peace and freedom without having to feel targeted wherever they go. 

Accompanied by the soundtrack of “Every N****r Is a Star” performed by Boris Gardiner, 'Run Black Boy, Run!' tells the story of young black male,trying to find solace in an empty forest on a sunny day. The film portrays the alternate life of a black male exploring and living care-free, without having to worry about the troubles that society brings him because of the colour of his skin.

The coincide with the release, Unyforme Design's, 'Sweet Mother Denim Jeans' are spotlighted in the film, which  are also currently available for pre-order on the Unyforme Design website which will be available for a limited time. 

Take in the 'Run Black Boy, Run!' short film above and have a closer look at the Sweet Mother denim jeans in the stills below.