Fresh off releasing her single "Jimmy Choo," Jerrika Karlae dropped by for a chat on Fox Soul's The Mix to discuss how Young Thug helped encourage her.

The rapper and fashion designer revealed that her fiancée Thug, whom she has been engaged to ever since 2015, once bought out her entire Karlae Swimwear collection to help "drive" her to do the same again in the future. "One time I had just released my swimsuit collection, and I spent a lot on inventory like saving my money, and he went on there and bought all my inventory," she explained at the six-minute mark of the above interview when asked what was the most romantic thing Thug has ever done for her. "But that meant a lot."

Karlae added that it actually motivated her, and Thug was even told he was "enabling" her. "He was like, 'No, that's gonna give her drive. It's only going to happen one time now, but don't you like how it feels?'" she continued. "I did! I wanted to go way harder on anything I was working on."

Elsewhere during her appearance, Jerrika also spoke about her relationship with Thug and how she puts her trust in him to be faithful while he's on tour. She also briefly touched upon styling him for the "Jimmy Choo" video, explaining that she felt relieved when he actually liked the clothes she picked out. "He don't like just regular stuff, and he has everything," she said of his fashion choices. "He just like that flashy crazy shit."

Watch the interview above.