The first ever ComplexLand has come and gone and it was a huge moment for Head & Shoulders. For the event, Head & Shoulders worked with Complex to create six custom hairstyles that attendees could use to upgrade their avatars, making them more unique, and well, just plain cool. With styles ranging from the "100’s Hawk" to "Over the Rainbow" to "Twists & Shout," Head & Shoulders garnered 1 million total avatar interactions at ComplexLand. Attendees spent an average of 1 minute and 22 seconds interacting with the special avatar toppers, which means 42% of total avatar interactions were spent selecting hairstyles. 

Even better, nearly 7,000 ComplexLand-goers entered Head & Shoulders’ special sweepstakes, with five lucky winners coming away with a custom tote bag stuffed with goodies like full size packs of the brand’s Aloe Vera Daily Shampoo, Men's Shaping Pomade, and Supreme Scalp Scrub with vitamin E and argan oil

If you attended ComplexLand and want to reminisce, you can check out all of the Head & Shoulders custom avatar hairstyles below. And while you’re looking, don’t forget that using Head & Shoulders regularly is clinically proven to give you up to 100% dandruff protection for no visible flakes, to keep you feeling confident.

The '100’s Hawk' Hipster

Head & Shoulders ComplexLand 100s Hawk
Image via Head & Shoulders

The "100’s Hawk" Hipster hit ComplexLand looking to flex their unique style and add rare pieces of drip to their already extensive closet.

The 'Twists & Shout' Sneakerhead

Head & Shoulders ComplexLand Twists
Image via Head & Shoulders

The "Twists & Shout" Sneakerhead came to ComplexLand for, you guessed it, the sneakers, making sure to have their hair on point while waiting in those virtual queues for their chance to cop.

The 'Rapunzel’s Lavender' Line Leader

Head & Shoulders Lavender
Image via Head & Shoulders

The "Rapunzel’s Lavender" Line Leader arrived at ComplexLand hungry for the drops, gleefully waiting for their chance to grab unique collaborations and rare gear.

The 'Catch Some Waves' Cool Kid

Head & Shoulders ComplexLand Waves
Image via Head & Shoulders

The "Catch Some Waves" Cool Kid rocked pink locks at ComplexLand to show off their freewheeling, wavy style and can’t-be-bothered attitude.

The 'Over the Rainbow' Raver

Head & Shoulders ComplexLand Rainbow
Image via Head & Shoulders

The "Over the Rainbow" Raver rocked rainbow locks all during ComplexLand, showing the world they were there for freedom and fun.

The 'Afro Puffs' Artist

Head & Shoulders ComplexLand Afro Puffs
Image via Head & Shoulders

Creative and confident, the "Afro Puffs" Artist avatar showed up to ComplexLand ready to experience a new world of inspiration no longer bound by IRL limitations.