Up-and-coming brand FACE_ltd is readying a new upcycled collection, which sees pre-existing garments transformed into one-of-one pieces of wearable art. 

The creative concept store, ran by Sean Chimbani in Northampton, focuses on footwear, fashion and collaborative design and explores different areas of design, experimenting with photography, film, movement, sound, virtual fashion and other artistic avenues. Founded in September 2019, the newly-launched brand is built around collaboration, with a goal of shining light on pioneering and independent artists.

Like many young brands, FACE_ltd feel a responsibility to move fashion forward in a more sustainable way. They plan on focusing on individual collaborative collections that aren't pressured to push out garments in lieu of conventional 'seasons'.

Collections from FACE_ltd will upcycle existing garments into one of one pieces of wearable art, incorporating recycled materials and low impact fabrics into our collections. Each handcrafted item will also provide long-lasting wear, with materials for each bespoke piece engineered to stand the test of time and arrive with eco-friendly, recyclable or biodegradable packaging. 

FACE_ltd's first collection is titled 'Where Is Your Face', a collaboration with London-based, Lebanese expressionist artist Aya Fayad. In this collaboration, the brand explored the true meaning of 'identity', with founder Sean Chimbani questioning how people, including himself, assert their identity. 

With this in mind, Aya Fayad's abstract paintings provided the perfect accompaniment for the themes of the new collection, featuring macabre facial images have since become a central feature of the collection. With the pandemic having left many people questioning who they are, why they're that way and if that person is a reflection of who they want to be, the release of this collection feels "like the perfect way to end 2020" for Chimbani.

The collection is made-up of 19 garments, most of which are 1 of 1, upcycled pieces that have been hand-painted and embroidered, with FACE_ltd shooting an at home editorial lookbook to coincide with the launch. Creative director Amelia Ellis wanted to share a glimpse of life at home with FACE_ltd CEO Sean Chimbani. Home has felt like a beautiful luxury during this time: despite feelings of being cooped up and stuck at home, it's also filled us with a huge sense of gratitude to have a space we can create in, be comfortable and express ourselves.

Keep it locked to FACE_ltd's socials for more information on the collection, which will land in the next few weeks, and get a closer look at the 'Where Is Your Face' editorial lookbook below.