To celebrate the 25th anniversary of cult French film La HaineCarharrt WIP is releasing a capsule collection in collaboration with the film's director, Mathieu Kassovitz.

Released in 1995, La Haine follows 20 hours in the lives of three friends, Vinz, Saïd and Hubert, in the aftermath of riots sparked by the beating of their friend, Abdel Ichah, during a police interrogation. Captured entirely in black and white, the film portrays the tensions between the Parisian banlieus and Paris as well as those between the trio of protgaonists, emulating the systemic issues of class, police brutality and protest that still resonate with daily realities in the city today.

The seven-piece collection features behind-the-scenes imagery photographed by Gilles Favier printed on tees and hoodies, which feature the phrase "Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien", a line taken from the film, which translates as "so far, so good". A signature beanie, akin to the one made legendary by Hubert in the film, rounds off the new collection, which sees the film's title branded on pieces throughout.

Carharrt WIP have also designed an embroidered Active Jacket inspired by the jacket Kassovitz wore during filming, which will be available exclusively to La Haine crew members and the brand's friends and family.

The capsule collection will be available at Carharrt WIP's web store and select stores starting on December 3. Take a closer look at the new range below.










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