Sometimes you need to look to the past to see the future clearly. That's something Ray-Ban knows well, launching its new "See Beyond the Sun" campaign on the back of its venerable Clubmaster frames, which date to the 1950s. Most people know Clubmasters as sunglasses, but the frames also make for stylish eyeglasses, an option that's now available to everybody thanks to Ray-Ban Authentic, a made-to-match prescription lens service that pairs the world’s most iconic frames with advanced lens technology. That means every customer can get a complete pair of prescription glasses with the perfect fit. With Ray-Ban Authentic, each set of lenses is digital-built to every customer's exact specifications, resulting in individualized eyewear that features high definition vision, UV protection, a blue light filter, and reflection and glare reduction. Take a look at Ray-Ban Authentic's prescription lens service here, order a pair to throw in some Clubmasters today, and you'll be able to "See Beyond the Sun" soon too.