Right now, Sharon Chuter is happy to have customers yelling at her. That’s because the Nigerian-born, L.A./London-based founder of UOMA Beauty knows that with millions staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, makeup is less of a priority for most. It’s a blessing to have any customers at all. “We can't complain, because in a time where other people are packing up businesses because it's so bad, we're here,” Chuter says via video chat. “We're still going strong.” 

UOMA is still shooting, packing, and shipping out of its L.A. warehouse, and while Chuter is grateful for the continued business, products are a secondary focus. Her mind is on the message behind her inventory: Beautiful Rebellion, her brand’s tagline. “When I look at [UOMA], I don't look at it as a business,” she says. “I look at it as a movement.” 

Chuter is also the creator of @PullUpForChange, an Instagram platform that called out big-shot beauty brands in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, chastising them for posting Black solidarity squares without taking actual action and challenging them to be more transparent about their diversity numbers. With her work, she wants to get the beauty industry to realize that addressing racism can also help the bottom line. For Chuter, doing good is also good business, a philosophy she was kind enough to discuss below.