N.D.G Studio shakes up their armoury for their 10th collection, built entirely from upcycled materials. 

To start the decade off strong, Parisian style pioneers N.D.G Studio is stepping back into the spotlight with a new vision, looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Despite their new purpose and choice of direction for their first collection of 2020, N.D.G has retained their signature stylistic flair, while matching it with second hand and unused fabrics. Breathing new life into the old are a series of new silhouettes such as the new sleeveless paisley vest, which has been pieced together using second-hand bandanas, while wasted fabrics from luxury brands lend themselves to the collection's flannel overshirts. Further bolstering the armoury is a selection of hand-sourced vintage faded tees that have been bleached in the brand's Parisian workshop. To ensure a zero waste and a minimum carbon emission, most of the pieces within the collection are made to order.

Explore N.D.G Studio's 10th collection below, and head over to their online store to shop the full delivery now. 

All Images via N.D.G Studio