DIESEL is taking measures to operate in a more environmentally conscious way as they announce the first collection in their DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR series. 

Sustainability has been at the forefront of the fashion industry, and the world as a whole for a hot second, with consumers calling on brands to operate in a more environmentally respectful way. In doing their part, DIESEL has launched their first DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR which marks the first major initiative within the brand's For Responsible Living strategy that focuses on a sustainable future. The focus of the collection is upcycling; which sees waste material, deadstock, and existing product transformed in uniquely bold new apparel and accessories. Overall, the initiative reduces the consumption of raw materials, decreases energy usage, and lowers DIESEL's overall air and water pollution throughout the production line. 

The first collection within the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR series sees the brand partner with 55DSL with heritage denim as a point of inspiration to develop a bold, sporty aesthetic. Deadstock, archive pieces and prototypes serve as a foundation for the full apparel lineup but have been executed with a strikingly original finish. Colour usage and die application throughout the lineup is bold, with tie-dye cues filling mixed materials and overlapping logos perfectly suited to the impending warmer months. Not only does the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR encourage recycling and reusing, but the series has also been developed with a commitment to transparency, with each product featuring a QR code that can be scanned to detail the developmental timeline. Ensuring each collection within the series is as unique as the apparel and accessory lines on offer, each will appoint different designers and creative minds to highlight how upcycling can be interpreted with different perspectives. 

Take a closer look at the DIESEL UPCYCLING FOR 55DSL below, which is available via select DIESEL flagship stores, online, and select global retailers. 

All Images via DIESEL