One-man-show ROOTTATTOO expands its impressive apparel arsenal with the launch of the homage-to-vintage Drop 10.

Ever rising quantities of questions regarding sustainability within the fashion industry typically lack the same amount of answers, whether it be a reduction of plastic, responsible design, or localised manufacturer, it often seems like the solutions are more complex than is feasible. A small, yet highly effective solution that is often overlooked, but is wholeheartedly embraced by ROOTTATTOO, is creating products that consumers can 100% identify with, in turn ensuring these products are loved time and time again. Further driving this point home is the exclusivity of each apparel line, and the conscious choice not to restock any pieces, thus reducing overall environmental outputs. 

Unlike much of the industry that is adopted a sustainable approach as a marketing ploy, Eugen Lods' brand has achieved this naturally, as each piece of apparel has been individually developed to create everyday looks to serve as the foundation of a fashion-conscious individuals wardrobe. This self-proclaimed one-man-show has been birthed in the pursuit of knowledge, delivered as the graphic designer's physical exploration of textile production, fabrication, print, and pattern. One thing that really separates the brand from a wider selection of the streetwear scene is Eugen's choice transparency, with videos documenting his design process, showcasing steps both forwards and backwards, allowing the founder to really connect with his audience. As such, since the brand's rebirth with the RESET DROP in 2016, ROOTTATTOO's fanbase have been privy to the trial and error required to perfect the perfect vintage look, feel, and quality. 

Drop 10 embodies this narrative in full, drawing inspiration from classic Hollywood movie posters with a seamless blend of classic band merch. Offered up in a wide-ranging colour palette, the purpose of the 12-piece collection is to offer individual statement pieces that are also effortlessly styled into full looks. All bases are covered, with oversized vintaged washed graphic tees, super soft sweatshirts and hoodies, camouflage cargo pants, and track pants. 

Take a closer look at ROOTTATTOO's Drop 10 below, and shop the full collection now via their online store. 

All Images via Roottattoo