RAUS gears up for war with the launch of their Fall/Winter 2019 collection entitled "WARFARE". 

The time has finally come for RAUS to armour up for their latest apparel delivery, exploring the personal battles we face in our day-to-day, and the armour we choose to face them. Through these contextual links; founder and designer Danielle Ross has interwoven her personal experiences as a female designing Menswear, magnifying the pressures, misconceptions and setbacks faced within the industry. This deeper perspective of WARFARE as an abstract concept, in turn identifying how we use personal dress as a means of facing life on a day to day basis. 

As we've come to expect from RAUS deliveries, there is a maintained emphasis high-end craftsmanship, with a specific focus on hand quilting, weaving, and luxe black lining. Outerwear remains the collection's main focus, with the Avirex-esque Signature Leather Jacket appearing alongside a denim-style jacket, and two iterations of leather and wool mixed styles. Further bolstering the collection's armoury is a selection of t-shirts, hooded and crew neck sweats, accessories, a fleece, and quilted vest. 

Ready up for WARFARE with RAUS' Fall/Winter 2019 collection by heading over to their online store now. 

All Images via RAUS