Real is hard to discern in 2019.  Sponsored posts on Instagram. The Kardashians. Your latest Air Jordans. Things that are what they say they are just don't exist anymore.  The debate about what's real and fake is ongoing. That's why it's so refreshing to come across real.  Real people. Real food. Real clothes.

If you own pieces from the streetwise brand Alpha Industries, you'll sleep easy knowing that you have genuine, functional pieces tested and worn by the U.S. military. Each season expert outerwear designers and product designers at Alpha find authentic inspiration in real events from U.S. History. For this year's Fall/Winter 2019 range, Alpha Industries draws inspo from the 10th Mountain Division — the first mountain warfare unit in the U.S. military — and remixes some of their familiar pieces in a fashion-forward endeavor.

To celebrate their 60th Anniversary since being established as a U.S. military contractor in 1959, Complex linked up with the all-American brand to style standout pieces from the collection.