The British Summertime may be officially over, but that doesn't mean new shades aren't in order. Shake off those holiday blues and experience Shakkar's 'Motion' Collection. 

Regardless of what weather conditions may be looming above, sunglasses have earnt their place as a personality staple of the fashion industry, sitting - welded, almost - most famously on the faces of Anna Wintour and Karl Largerfeld. There is no smoother statement than is slick pair of shades in an environment where, realistically, they aren't needed, yet they speak volumes. Step in Shakkar, the eyewear brand built to offer something new to the Nigerian fashion scape, realised through a seamless blend of minimalism and an edgy attitude. 

The 'Motion' Collection comes as the brand's second major drop following their arrival in 2017, created as a representation of not only Shakkar's own growth and movement but the constantly evolving pace of the industry. Through this sense of fluidity, the team settled on two shapes - the Ré and the Cleo - coloured using an everyday, essential palette of black, brown, and grey.

Fix your eyes on the Shakkar Motion Collection below as shot by Danielle Mbonu, and shop the full product range now via Shakkar World

All Images via Danielle Mbonu








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