“NIGO® is a master of taste and design. I just remember Jacob the Jeweler asked Pharrell, ‘Do you know this guy from Japan? His name is NIGO®.’ We were both like, ‘No, we haven’t heard of him.’ We weren’t familiar at all. And Jacob said, ‘You have to meet him. Everything you get, he gets 1:1. Everything. And he gets it in the highest quality of diamond. If it’s not 1:1, it is a variation of it. It is 100 percent everything you do and design that he does.’ He was telling us that [NIGO®] is way far into the movement, super into the Star Trak movement. That’s what he was about. I fully remember us just being in awe, not even knowledgeable at all about what NIGO® had going on.

“His attention to detail, his taste level, his absolute quest for flawless perfection in anything he did, including the jewelry, was something shocking. He only strived to be that perfect with everything he did. He was totally into his lifestyle. He wanted the world to see that. He was so into it that you wanted to be down with him.

“I thought it was so cool for NIGO® to be so invested in himself and his vision to that extreme. I thought it was cool, and I was happy to be part of the club. I didn’t know how far it would go. I was seeing the frenzy unfold. It also gave me an understanding. To me, that’s when being fashion-forward and being first went to another level. Itʼs probably the first thing I had been part of that nobody else could have. You didn’t have what we had. There was no way.”


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