It's a fact: Streetwear is male-dominated. But here’s another fact: Women have always worked behind the scenes in streetwear to make things happen.

Because they aren’t the faces of the brands, you don’t hear about them often—or maybe they’re too busy actually working and don’t have time to self-promote. But that’s the purpose of this piece, to shine a light on some of the women you probably haven’t heard of and show all the ways they contribute to some of your favorite brands. 

For example, there’s Mary Ann Fusco, who opened Union in 1989 with James Jebbia and helped form Supreme’s identity early on. And there’s Erin Magee, who has her own streetwear line, MadeMe, but spends most of her time as head of development, special projects, and production, at Supreme. Or you might be a big fan of Union Los Angeles’ visuals. Know that they were directed and realized by Beth Gibbs, who co-owns Union LA alongside her husband, Chris Gibbs. And if you’ve noticed a shift in product at RSVP Gallery, you can thank its buyer Sara Merabet, who has brought on more elevated brands like Dior, Marni, and Doublet over the past couple of seasons. 

Here, we speak to Gibbs, Merabet, and other women about their career paths, challenges they faced, and advice they have for other women wanting to make a mark in the space.