Rethink the way you do suiting, with Vitesse's debut Fall/Winter 2019 capsule collection. 

Suits have formed one of the fashion and apparel industries most important products for what seems like a lifetime, with shape and cut being rethought and reinvented time after time as tastemakers and muses alter the perceptions of desirability. When an apparel product has been perfected by the hands of so many of fashion's most prominent designers, it can be hard to imagine what direction suiting could take next. This is where model-turned-designer Johan Galaxy takes the stand with a conceptual suiting capsule from his brand Vitesse. 

Described as a brand for the self-inflicted outsider, Vitesse walks a fine-lined between relaxed but tailored, bringing something with a more refined edge to the world of streetwear. Inspired by the suave, unapologetically confidence aesthetics of James Brown, Prince, and Rick James, Johan describes the man beneath the garments as “He may be known, but he’s in no scene. He’s a very sexy vagabond, top of the line.”

Channelling this energy through the Fall/Winter 2019 capsule, the product delivers focuses on partially deconstructed cropped blazers with tuxedo style buttons and contrasting embroidered details. Each of the three colourways - burgundy, black, and khaki - is matched with tri-layered zipper trousers, creating a familiar product with a forward-thinking modern edge. 

Vitesse's Fall/Winter 2019 capsule collection is available now via the Vitesse online store

All Images via Vitesse