The next leg of the MONCLER GENIUS World Tour has landed in signature bold elegance with the new 2 MONCLER 1952 collection.

If ever you needed an example of a top-tier premium brand pushing themselves to the next level through an ongoing series of cutting edge collaborations, look no further than MONCLER GENIUS. From conception, GENIUS has put a series of well-loved brands to the test, welcoming them to rethink Moncler through their lens. Inviting the likes of Palm Angels and Craig Green to the table, each has been distinctively Moncler, but wholly unique. For the next season of collaboration, GENIUS is contextualised as a world tour, with the release of each collection being paired with a specially curated activation around the world, bringing MONCLER GENIUS full circle. 

For 2 MONCLER 1952, Moncler calls on Sergio Zambon and Veronica Leoni of Valextra for Menswear and Womenswear respectively. For Menswear, Sergio looked to Moncler's positioning as a youth culture icon to craft a collection with a relaxed attitude while keeping a keen focus on the technical features that have come to characterise the brand as a whole. Key features of the delivery include teddy fleece parkas, hooded sweatshirt with bold typography, padded duvet trousers, and sees the iconic Maya jacket updated in three different corduroy colourways. 

Womenswear has been created with a layering and shape focused perspective, delivered with individual mixing and matching in mind. Fabrication has been idealised within the Womenswear component, with fishnets, bleached tartans, knit mixed with nylon, and padded tailoring all making an appearance across apparel lines. 

Feast your eyes upon the standouts of the 2 MONCLER 1952 collection below, and head over to Moncler to shop the full release now. 

All Images via 2 MONCLER 1952