Ullac continues to break the rules through the expansion of their core offering with the launch of a new gender-neutral range. 

If we were asked to sum up Ullac's product offering in one word, 'character' comes to mind. Their latest delivery goes the full mile in cementing this statement as their core uniform jacket and jean styles extend across a wider spectrum of colour and shape to suit the needs of both men and women. 

The harmony achieved by offering gender-neutral products speaks to the values of the brand overall – "making of dead nice garments" – with no-nonsense, just clothes built for every day.

Speaking on the energies that informed the direction of the latest drop, Ullac's designer Chris Lynd says: “Last summer, London was insane. Football was coming home for a while and everyone I knew was buzzing. I have little interest in football on any stage but the World Cup seems to be some sort of benchmark in my life. I think its because four years isn’t that far back to remember and my whole circle gets excited by this interval in time which I feel slightly disconnected from. The conversations don’t evolve much every 4 years and the songs certainly don’t, so I feel like I’m leaping back in time. I was surrounded by triggers and my head was filled with images of summers throughout my life. This massively inspired the new collection, it was my mood board. The images were a medley of people, music, video games and films which were all an escape route from being stuck in a small town. Their colours, characters, and clothing all inform our latest drop and these new images tell a new story of escapism."

Take a closer look at Ullac's 'Escape Route' collection below and head over to their online store to shop their full product range now. 

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