For Everard Best (a.k.a. Ev Bravado), design is woven into the fabric of his being.

“I come from a family of tailors and a long line of seamstresses, so getting into design was nothing,” Best tells Complex, exclusively.

Born and raised in NYC, the fashion guru—who was always known as the “flyest kid in school”—grew up cutting and sewing together patches of his life’s purpose, inspired substantially by his father.

“My dad spent a lot of time helping me create garments and even do things I had no idea how to do,” he says. “If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am at now.”

And where is he now, exactly? At the helm of EV BRAVADO, an edgy and unapologetic fashion line that instantly earned him co-signs from Virgil Abloh, Joey Bada$$, J Balvin, and more, and thrust him into the national conversation. Just look at his Make Amerikkka Suck Again! collection.

While his clothing captures the zeitgeist, it’s the authenticity emanating from Bravado’s pieces that elevates them above any other trendy take on culture.

“Fashion is the outlet I have to get my message out, but my purpose in life goes way further than to make garments,” he states. “It is to change lives, inspire, and to bring people closer to God or to even find God in their life’s journey.”

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