Soulland presents their first sustainable lead project in the form of Logic. 

Logic offers up a bright energy with diversity at its heart, blending the energy of a pride parade with the serenity of a sunny Sunday afternoon, delivering garments for everyday use. 

The collection offers up a range of colourful basics that have been revisited in a way that is environmentally conscious, sustainable, and made from organic cotton. Logic will deliver a concise range of five styles in five different colourways at a more accessible price point. 

Speaking on the collection, Silas Adler, Founder & Creative Director said: Since I started Soulland as a teenager, it has always been a reflection of the life I lived and where I was in my life. In that sense, I grew alongside the brand and the brand grew alongside me. For years, a development that was not reflected inside Soulland was my ambition to go towards a better way of producing. It’s an overwhelming task and for a small company, the tools and capacity are often very limited. Three years ago, myself and Jacob Kampp Berliner, co-founder of Soulland, decided to start exploring, what exactly was unclear. But with a concrete project, we forced ourselves to take action and gain knowledge. Thanks to our team we can now present Logic, our first project of many that are going in a more sustainable direction”

Logic launches online and instore from November 15th exclusively at Soulland, before dropping at select Soulland retailers from November 16th.

All Images via Soulland