Longtime friends Joseph Perez and David Levy have been around the fashion industry all their lives. “My parents have been working in the clothing industry for a long time—production and manufacturing, private labels, the behind-the-scenes of it,” Levy says. “Joe’s parents were doing the same thing. We both grew up in factories, watching sewers and pattern makers.” It only made sense then that this past January they launched their own brand, Cherry Los Angeles.

Cherry Los Angeles is heavily inspired by nostalgia. Many of the brand’s graphics, for instance, are pulled from the ‘90s posters they hung in their childhood bedrooms, including photos of Carmen Electra, Dennis Rodman, and Porsche 911s. Some pieces, like a pair of tapered and pin-tucked Dickies work pants, harken back to Perez and Levy’s days of altering their private school uniforms, as well as their love of skate culture. “Everyone is looking back and yearning for the past, so we try to give you that feeling with everything we put out.”

Much of what you might’ve seen online are Cherry tees or hoodies, but don’t get it twisted: Cherry Los Angeles makes a few cut-and-sew pieces, too. And they’re all made right here in the USA, in downtown Los Angeles, to be exact. “We didn’t want to make any Gildan,” says Levy. “We didn’t want to use any blanks. We wanted your favorite T-shirt to last.” You can currently only buy Cherry Los Angeles online, which is keeping it fairly exclusive for the time being, but a lot of its pieces already sell out. Not to mention, it’s become one of the most buzzed-about streetwear brands out of L.A.; it’s already being rocked by Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa, YG, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin. Check out Cherry Los Angeles before it’s too late.

Where to buy it: Cherry Los Angeles