Nowadays, keeping up with streetwear trends has become a full-time job. Whether it be working away at the office or going for drinks at the latest hotspot, what you wear is a reflection of who you are.

Sneakers have an elevated status amongst today’s fashion-forward crowd. Outfits are being put together with the sole intention (pun intended) of showcasing the exclusivity and design of one’s kicks. Despite the ever-changing trends in denim, Levi’s remains a tried and trusted source for contemporary cuts, styles and washes. That said, while keeping up with the times, Levi’s has not sacrificed the quality they are known for.

To celebrate sneaker culture, Levi’s has released two new looks: the Hi-Ball Roll and the Lo-Ball Stack.

PROMO- Levi’s Rides The Streetwear Train
Above (L-R): Levi's Hi-Ball Roll and Levi's Lo-Ball Stack

Both styles combine classic elements, like the 501’s seat and thigh and the 512’s tapered leg opening, and adorn it with an oversized patch and tab. Both selections offer suitable stretch, making them extremely comfortable in any situation.

The Hi-Ball Roll is cropped and tapered at the ankle, with a pre-cuff to show off your equally stylish sneakers. For a modern, streetwear look, try pairing these jeans with an oversized graphic tee, white sports socks and an endless selection of sneakers (e.g. tennis, basketball, even uber trendy ‘dad kicks’).

The Lo-Ball Stack contrasts the previous selection, with its elongated inseam that creates a stacked effect. To work with this effect, try layering a lengthy tee under an oversized hoodie, and a high-top sneaker to compliment the entire look.