Newline Halo is fast establishing themselves as a high octane contender in the fashion industry, delivering energy and style across the board. The brand came to life through the collaboration of international sportswear brand Newline, Rasmus Storm, and Malkit Signh. Following their explosive runway show at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we got to know the brand a little better. 

All Images via Newline Halo

What is the concept behind Halo - why was the name chosen and how were the ideas behind the brand conceived?

The founder of Newline has his background in the Danish Special Forces, and in the late 70s he was pioneering the creation of running gear made out of parachute technical fabric. HALO is about creating functional wear, but not only for the sports segment - the DNA of the brand combines function, uniforms, and training. The name was discovered when the team first visited the Danish Special Forces and saw an emblem with the abbreviation 'High Altitude Low Opening'. 

Given the strong influences driving the brand, who is Halo tailored towards?

The fashion industry is typically about individuality – while HALO is about a community feeling. It is about team spirit and meeting people. Keeping mind, body, and soul together creating a special urban functionality. As much as training in all aspects is the background, Halo is a lifestyle brand for anyone attracted by the look of it. 


While being a fashion brand at its core and by many will be seen as such, do you think that the lifestyle elements of Halo are, or will be integral to it's DNA?

Established five years ago, HALO’s background is more of a lifestyle brand. Somehow, subconsciously, we tried to implement a new style in fashion while having a focus on the technical side. Over the past years, function has grown foothold on the fashion scene, paving the way for HALO to blend in.

Function is clearly as the forefront of design within the brand's arsenal. What is the direction for your upcoming collection(s) and what are the main points of inspiration as you develop new ideas?

Somehow it is still the same direction building on functionality and training. Inspiration comes from Danish Special Forces, for example ATW (Aalborg Tactical Wings) and bringing back some of the original Newline catalogue elements from the early 80’s. It is about upgrading functionality and usability, while from season to season refining and widening the color palette.


People have been able to actively participate with the brand through workouts you have organised, going forward will there be more opportunities for people to take part in the lifestyle promoted by the brand?

After some successful training sessions in Florence, Paris, and Copenhagen we will definitely take the concept further and to other destinations around the world.

Your presentation at CFW was high energy and pushed a strong, healthy aesthetic. Going forward will this be something that remains a focal point of the brand's image?

Absolutely – A healthy lifestyle is connecting very well with HALO’s DNA, and will continue to show in the future.


When can we expect to see Halo in the UK?

Hopefully from next season.

Take a look at the rest of the brand's SS19 presentation below, and head over to Newline Halo to shop the brand's current offering.