Label: NPG Records
Art direction: Steve Parke
Photographer: Unknown
Illustrator: Unknown

Prince's 20th release, the fourth under his unpronouncable moniker, was a bulk of vault materal recorded over the period of a decade. It's an essential piece for anyone looking for those deeper Prince cuts.

If you bought Crystal Ball after its initial release on the Internet, you received a four-disc package with one characteristically featuring acoustic versions, titled The Truth. However, if you pre-ordered it over the Internet, you also received a fifth disc of instrumentals called Kamasutra.

Prince then learned things the hard way when it came to distribution, with this his first release via NPG Records causing problems for fans simply trying to get a hold of previously unheard versions. For example, many Internet pre-orders never got filled, and the ones that did came with no additional liner notes. Then, physical copies started showing up in shops before many of the Internet orders were filled, which were complete with the aforementioned liner notes.

Hell hath no fury like a music geek scorned, although this wouldn't be the last time that Prince's unorthodox release methods caused a headache for some. The Wordart-eqsue design probably had a similar effect for any graphic designers who purchased the album, too.