When was the last time you were excited by a piece of rolling luggage? If your answer is “literally never,” you’re probably not alone. And yet, one of the most anticipated product drops of the year had shoppers camping out and lining up for the chance to spend nearly $2K on one of four exclusive Rimowa four-wheel, aluminum suitcases. It helps, of course, that the luggage in question was part of a limited edition collaboration with Supreme, the most reliable dog-whistle available for assembling hypebeasts around the world. But, coming off of a co-branded range of suitcases released last fall with Fendi that sold out, and an upcoming Off-White partnership, Rimowa is experiencing something of a hot streak that would simply be out of reach for most other luggage brands. At the center of the newfound buzz is twentysomething Rimowa CEO Alexandre Arnault, who has made it his mission to update and modernize the 120 year-old German brand. Arnault has announced vague plans to expand Rimowa beyond suitcases, too, perhaps a signal that the Rimowanessaince is just beginning. —Steve Dool