For SS18 Levi's Skateboarding has partnered with Manny Lopez, Edouard Depaz, Quentin Boillon, Ale Cesario, Val Bauer, Charlie Munro and Mikey Patrick to put Napoli to the test. 

Together with the brand, the skaters discovered the streets and hidden spots that Napoli has to offer while also putting the Levi's Skateboarding SS18 collection through its paces. 

The collection looks at and celebrates the Californian phenomenon through the exploration of clothing worn by pool boys. Details are delivered by square hems, seersucker stripes, and a pool tile pattern that sets the tone for the collection. 

Take a look at the Levi's Skateboarding teams exploration of Napoli. Levi's Skateboarding SS18 is available via select skate shops. 

Director: Joaquim Bayle 
Music: LifePassFilter


All Images via Levi's Skateboarding