Kanye West’s clothing brand is being sued for copyright infringement.  

According to TMZ, Jordan Outdoor Enterprises has filed a lawsuit against Yeezy and Unknwn for releasing designs presented with a distinct camouflage pattern. Jordan Outdoor claims there are a number of Yeezy pieces—which everything from hoodies, jackets, pants, and shirts—that feature a camo motif that was ripped off from their Realtree line of apparel and accessories.

Realtree’s Facebook page reads:

Today's camo designs are created using sophisticated computers, digital cameras, and photo-realistic printing. Realtree stays at the forefront of the latest developments in fabric design and printing in order to advise customers (licensees who pay a royalty fee to use the camo patterns) about the best ways to maintain quality and performance.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, the outdoor company claims the Yeezy team had reached out to them to discuss using the aforementioned camo pattern; however, when they informed Kanye’s company that the pieces needed to be licensed prior to release, Yeezy allegedly stopped responding. Jordan Outdoor claims the brand went ahead and copied the camo pattern and released the gear without authorization.

Jordan Outdoor is seeking damages, and is asking a judge to halt the production and sales of all items that feature the camo pattern. They also want Yeezy to destroy all of the camo pieces that have already been made.