The campaign for Yeezy Season 6 took New York City by storm recently, with its large wraps that were plastered all over the city's subway columns, turnstiles and walls, prominently displaying social media posts of Kim Kardashian clad in hubby Kanye West's creations. Now that pieces from season 6 are available for purchase, fashion heads, Kanye stans, and everyone in between are wondering how Ye will top his latest marketing feat.

Lucky for Yeezy fans, it looks like we might have already caught a glimpse of some of season 7's potential looks. Sources close to Kanye and the Yeezy team have confirmed that some of the fleece jackets, joggers, Calabasas socks and bodysuits Kim has been spotted rocking in Tokyo are indeed pieces from next season's collection, Hypebeast confirms.

As expected, Kanye is foregoing all traditional methods of revealing his latest line, opting instead to give a peak at season 7's collection through sneaky paparazzi shots that just so happen to circulate around every blog and news site around the world. The West-Kardashian clan truly know how to use their own fame to their advantage. With West's last campaign, he essentially took a form of free advertising (Instagram) and configured it into something as old school and traditional as a subway ad—and the results were explosive. So far, these candids of Kim are the only preview we have of Yeezy season 7, but knowing Kanye, there'll be some revolutionary reveal on the way soon.