Gucci wasn't fucking around with their Fall/Winter 2018 show at Milan Fashion Week.


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Prospective attendees were invited to the Gucci Hub for the artful Feb. 21 show via an orange timer sealed in a plastic bag, appropriately adorned with a throwback PARENTAL ADVISORY: EXPLICIT CONTENT sticker not unlike the one prominently featured on albums that are good. 


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The show itself was staged inside a hospital-esque atmosphere, an aesthetic decision meant to reflect "the work of a designer—the act of cutting, splicing, and reconstructing materials and fabrics to create a new personality and identity with them." For a realistic feel, Gucci used materials often found in operating spaces and waiting rooms including cold plastic chairs and PVC.

The accessories for the show nicely added to the vibes. Models walked the space adorned with a variety of adorable pieces including severed heads, snakes, body bags, dragons, and iguanas. Downright biblical.


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According to Harper's Bazaar, a total of 90 looks were featured in Wednesday's boundary-pushing show. The New York Yankees logo appeared on multiple pieces, as did SEGA-inspired lettering and jewel-adorned ski masks. Watch Gucci's Fall/Winter 2018 show in full via the video embedded up top.

Speaking on his creative methods with Vogue Italia last September, Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele likened his approach to making porn. "I am almost pornographic in the way I pay homage to what I like and what has influenced me," he said. "I find things, but many things find me, because chance is also imaginative."