Toronto is known around the world for its multiculturalism, and while we were always taught that Canada is a cultural mosaic, the new Toronto is much more melting pot: the term literally means a melting of cultures or intermarriage of ethnicities, which perfectly describes why you might, on any given day in the city, come across a Filipino eating a biryani while listening to Afrobeats and speaking Patois-tinted slang. The immigrant disapora of the city has influenced everything from the music to the food to the language, and now emerging apparel brand Committee Members is aiming to celebrate the unique identity and culture of the city. 

The brand's holiday drop features a number of sweatsuits, graphic tees, long-sleeves and jackets feature minimal branding and graphics and most nods to the brand's ethos in more subtle ways—the colourways "Toronto Blue" and "Turmeric" for instance, or the dorje graphic, which represents the thunderbolt of enlightenment. One of the more explicit designs is the "Nothing Without Us" hoodie, which takes a strong stance of support for anyone who has ever been "marginalized from political, social, and economic opportunities."'

Peep the Committee Members holiday lookbook below and visit their site to shop the collection now. But be quick—a number of items are already sold out!