ComplexCon 2017 is almost in the books, and it gave Virgil Abloh time to reflect on the experience during a panel talk with Takashi Murakami and Marc Ecko.

ComplexCon is a place where sneakers, streetwear, art, and music converge, and it gives people who obsess over these subcultures an opportunity to interact with those who share the same interests, as opposed to only conversing on the Internet.

This event impacted Abloh, and he said, "This is an awesome utopia. There are four walls where it’s OK to be excited. This is literally the Internet. You’re on the super highway of Instagram. What sticks with me, feels like a negative connotation. You step on that floor, it’s not Hypebeast comments. It’s the exact opposite."

He went on to say that a lot of the people who go to these events might not know a lot of people in their day-to-day lives who are into the same things, and that's why events like ComplexCon are important to help make people feel normal. "All of you go to work with the people who don’t what 'Supreme BOGO' means. We’re always surrounded by people who think we’re too into fashion or Travis Scott. [ComplexCon's] a nonnegative place to be exuberant about youth culture."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.