Hands down, fall is the best season of the year. Sure, summer and spring are “fun in the sun,” and winter brings its own snowy, mystical flair. But with fall, you’ve got bright, leafy colors lining the trees, festive holidays, and fun outdoor activities that never get old (i.e. apple picking). Best of all, fall is low-key the perfect opportunity to flex your style game, and there really is no better time to dress comfortably in layers without looking like the Michelin Man. That incoming chill, which is ever-present now that November is here, allows you to diversify the colors, patterns, materials, and fits in your rotation.

To ensure that you’re fully prepped and primed for the rest of the season, we’ve assembled a list of must-cop fall essentials that won’t break the bank—a major key before the notoriously expensive winter holiday season. From hoodies and jackets, to accessories and hats, these inexpensive items will keep your style on swole and your wallet lean and mean.

Here, we present our list of 12 Fall Essentials that cost less than $100 each.