If you scroll through John Mayer's Twitter account, it quickly becomes readily apparent that he's a hell of a dude. And a dude of all dudes: a witty dude, a smart dude, an introspective dude. With his 40th birthday on the horizon (Oct. 16), Mayer has decided to add "balling ass chain owner dude" to that list.

I’m 39.965 years old. This is what we call a cliffhanger, ladies and gentlemen.

— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) October 7, 2017

To honor his 40th rotation around the sun, as a real player should, Mayer reached out to your favorite rapper's favorite jewelry maker, Ben Baller. Baller, who provided Complex with exclusive photos, said he couldn't be more proud of how the final creation came out. "This is my top three best piece of work of my career," Baller said via email.

Image via Ben Baller

The piece Baller is so proud of is a glorious, diamond-encrusted rendering of The Dude himself, The Big Lebowski, portrayed by Jeff Bridges in 1998. On the back of the piece is The Dude's legendary quote, "Yah, well, that's just like, your opinion, man." In other words, this chain could not be more perfect for a cool ass, chill ass dude like John Mayer.

Image via Ben Baller
Image via Ben Baller

Baller also dropped off some details about the piece. "Everything was made in 18K white gold," Baller said. "So, over 1/2 a kilo of 18K gold total." Additionally, the chain features 41 diamond carats, which all have VVS clarity—a description you may have heard in a rap song or two. Overall, there are almost 4,000 diamonds total in the piece and chain.

Do you feel broke AF now, or is it just me?