In celebration of Scottie Pippen’s 52nd birthday, Kith and Nike have released a short film starring the NBA Hall of Famer and his son, Scottie Pippen Jr.

The film is titled Take Flight and follows the recent unveiling of the Kith x Nike Air Pippen 1 and Air Maestro II models, which were teased shortly before this season’s NYFW. Prior to Kith’s runway show, founder Ronnie Fieg spoke to Complex about the Nike collaboration and his decision to honor Pippen with new sneaker designs.

"Growing up in Queens in the mid-’90s, a lot of kids wore Air Jordans. But my crew of friends wanted to be different so we all wore Pippen’s sneakers," he explained. "[…] The Pippen 1s was one of the most important shoes in my childhood. Those were what made me fall in love with the Pippen brand. The idea of Scottie Pippen’s shoes being this premium and sitting next to a Jordan... I just felt like those two guys really owned it. But Pippen, to me, was the under appreciated player. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned to appreciate Pippen so much more. […] When you look back at basketball players and what they contributed to the game, he was one of those guys who aged perfectly. That’s why I always respected Pippen."

Take Flight features re-enactments of Pippen’s most memorable plays beginning in the mid-1990s. It also examines his role in the evolution of basketball, as well as his ability to stand the test of time. 

You can check out the short film, narrated by Pippen and directed by Fieg, above. Take Flight was produced in association with Matte Films and Nike Sportswear.