Supreme heads who were thinking of driving out to Kmart: I'm sorry to say that your chance of a possible come-up has been cut down. Kmart, the chain of big-box department stores, has unfortunately caught on to their mistake and cut off the tags of those $4 blank Supreme ​t-shirts

Over the weekend, a very nice person willing to share in their shopping spoils took to the r/streetwear subreddit to send news that Kmart was selling blank Supreme t-shirts for the wonderfully low price of $4. Reddit user CokeSlurpees wrote, "A Kmart in town is closing, decided to check it out and found a bunch of Supreme blanks next to all the other American Apparel shirts. There were about 5 shirts with the tags cut off but looked like they originally had the same tag."

How did this happen? CokeSlurpees had a theory:

"From pics I could find, these shirts look like they're FW16 and SS17. American Apparel announced they were going out of business earlier this year. For some reason these shirts didn't get shipped to supreme. They were supposed to have their tags cut off (like the other ones) and were thrown in a lot with other shirts and liquidated to Kmart."

Other Redditors pointed out the similarity between the tees found at Kmart and the yellow "Nun" t-shirt from SS17 and the olive Nobuyoshi Araki tee from FW16. 

Seizing the opportunity, many took to eBay to re-sell their finds for much, much higher prices.

Blank Supreme Kmart T-Shirt on eBay
Image via eBay/mlynn200


Supreme Blank Tee Red Size Large Kmart
Image via eBay/dennishoeft

Kmart eventually caught wind of their mistake and cut off the highly sought-after tags. Reddit user Kauribe shared the news

Blank Kmart Supreme Shirt with Cut off Tag.
Image via Reddit/Kauribe

Alas, all good things must come to an end.