Theobalds Cap Co. have explored the relationship between skateboarding across all forms of the sports uptake within the Olympics, in their new skate film ATHLETICS.

Directed and filmed by South London's Henry Edwards-Wood, the video touches on the 'Long Live Southbank' campaign with the help of riders on the brand's official team, as well as friends and family. In hopes of supporting unlocking the unused parts of the area that has been cornered off since 2004, Theobalds and those involved in the brand look to show their support for the movement and raise as much money as possible to make the project viable.

Also featured in the film is the recently released Theobalds Cap Co. Athletics six panel cap, which is available pick up on Theobalds webstore.  


theobalds cap 3
Image via Theobalds Cap Co.
theobalds cap 2
Images via Theobalds Cap Co.
theobalds cap co 1
Image via Theobalds Cap Co.