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Nike CROWN LEAGUE is back for its third annual season, and Toronto basketball fans couldn’t be more amped. With a selection of six teams stacked with homegrown athletes, this summer is guaranteed to leave fans on the edge of their seats as M.A.D.E., ACE, 1Love T.O., CIA Bounce, 6Man and Northern Kings fight to rise for the coveted crown.

Every Friday night from June 30th to July 28th, Toronto basketball fans will be courtside at Ryerson University’s Kerr Hall—a venue rich in basketball history—supporting the summer league. Players include international and local athletes who have competed in global professional leagues, NCAA, CIS and the NBA.

Of course, the excitement isn’t just on the courts. From day one, the curated Canadian league has brought in a full-house audience of young ballers and urban style definers making some serious sartorial statements. We spotted tons of Torontonians sporting their casual—and no-so-casual—courtside style.

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