göt2b is founded on the principle that we’ve all #got2standout in our own way. Doing so can take on a different meaning for everyone, whether it’s something smaller like a new hairstyle, or something a bit bolder, like, say, eating spicy wings.

But now göt2b invites you to not just do something that’s different from other people, but something that’s actually different for you. That’s why the brand is launching its “Go and Be Daring” contest, and inviting any and all participants to partake in a personally daring experience and then share the evidence by uploading a photo to Instagram.

There are three major categories for the Go and Be Daring challenge:

Comfort Zone: This category invites you to branch out and try something that’s a bit outside of your comfort zone. It can be super simple, like wearing lipstick to work, or something a little more intense, like…shaving your hair into a Mohawk? If this sounds like the kind of dare you’re interested in, be sure to tag your uploaded photo with #got2bcontest and #dare2bbrave.

Adventure: This one is for those willing to try a daring new activity or adventure. As mentioned above, this could mean something huge like hiking to the top of that mountain you’ve always wanted to climb. Those attempting this category should tag their pics with #got2bcontest and #dare2badventurous.

Do Good: The world could clearly use a little more good right now, so if you’re willing to try something that helps make the world a better place, this is the category for you. There are a lot of ways to do so—supporting a local group or cause, signing up for a charity walk, or simply changing your own lifestyle so it more positively impacts others or the planet. All you do-gooders be sure to tag your photos with #got2bcontest and #dare2bgood.

While being daring is its own reward, those who enter one or more of the categories above will also become eligible to win an incredible travel experience to ComplexCon 2017 that includes:

-Round trip coach airfare for two (winner and 1 guest) from a major U.S.

airport nearest Winner's home

-Three (3) nights’ standard hotel accommodations (double occupancy)

-$1,000 spending money (awarded in the form of a check) for Winner and

guest to use during their stay

-Two (2) tickets to attend Complex Con

Now how’s that for an incentive to try something different?!

Submissions for the Go and Be Daring opens July 5th and goes until July 26th, so don’t wait. Get out there, do something daring, and share it with the world!

Entry Rules and Requirements:

1.     Your Instagram privacy options on your account settings must be set to "OFF".

2.     Select a category from the list below.

3.     Use a Photo you already own or take a Photo depicting the theme of the category selected.

4.     Post must be sent from one (1) Instagram account only. Multiple accounts may not be used and anyone found to use multiple accounts to enter will be ineligible.

5.     Branded filters, stickers, emojis and words of any kind on the Photo are not allowed.

6.     Only one Photo is allowed per entry, per category. A photo collage or use of any branded application to create a photo slideshow is not allowed.

No Purchase Necessary. US residents 18+. Ends 7/26/17. See rules  www.got2bstandout.com/goandbedaring