What were you up to as a 7-year-old? Playing video games, perfecting your Beanie Baby collection? For 7-year-old Giana, she’s been busy hosting pop-up art shows and launching her own streetwear collection with kidswear brand Haus of JR.

The special collection features Giana’s artistic reinterpretations of the well-known Kermit the Frog x Supreme tee to Dior’s latest campaign with Ruth Bell. Surprisingly, though, this isn’t even her first collab. Giana has also hosted a number of pop-up art shows across the U.S., including one with another kidswear brand, MÊME, for both a pop-up show and apparel line.

So how did this 7-year-old get such an early start in both the art and fashion world? The Filipina-Mexican wunderkind started drawing at age 3 and has always had the support of her parents to try out various artistic mediums.

To learn more about Giana and her work, head over to deargiana.com and check out her collection that's set to drop Wednesday, May 24, on Haus of JR’s e-commerce site.