Previously confirmed skatewear icon Jonah Hill appears in a new 60-second promo clip for Palace. After teasing fans with a mysterious Instagram video earlier this week, Palace released the full promo Thursday and announced the opening of a New York City shop on May 5.

But the Housemaster Boyz-soundtracked promo, which also features Leo Fitzpatrick (The Wire and Kids), isn't just notable for its New York City announcement. The clip also sees Hill speaking to someone (presumably his agent) on the phone and complaining about doing "stupid little skateboard advertisements" before offering up an alternative: Joining the Fast & Furious franchise as Vin Diesel's car. If we're lucky, that will turn out to be much more than just an improvised joke.

Hill previously worked with Palace last July, appearing in equally hilarious clips promoting a Reebok collaboration:

Hill has also shown his affinity for Palace in other ways. When introducing Future on Saturday Night Live in March 2016, for example, Hill rocked two noteworthy accessories: a double cup and a Palace shirt.

Back in 2015, Palace opened a flagship in London. Palace founder Lev Tanju told Style at the time that he had always wanted to open the flagship and hoped it would serve multiple purposes for Palace devotees. "I've been trying to do it for ages, really," Tanju said. "I was just waiting to find the right spot. It’s a lot of work, but it's all fun, really...It's just a nice spot to hang out at. A skate shop that does everything."