On New Year's Eve in 1958, a photographer called Burt Glinn was at a party celebrating the end of the last year and the start of the next. At the party, he was told that a coup had taken place in Cuba, and Fidel Castro had seized control of the island. By dawn the next morning, Burt was in Cuba with his camera, photographing the early days of the new country and trying to track down Castro himself. 

It's these photos of revolutionary Cuba that have inspired Universal Works' Spring/Summer 17 collection, with the brand's relaxed tailoring meeting the military cuts and functional workwear that feature prominently in Burt Glinn's pictures. The collection also features some Universal Works classics. So workwear is a big influence, while oversized trousers and unstructured blazers are key pieces of the collection. The sand and olive of the colour palette references the military influence, and graphic touches like raised fists channel the revolutionary spirit that Burt Glinn tried to capture almost 60 years ago.

To go with the collection, Universal Works have partnered with Nottingham-based designer Allan Buxton to create a stop-motion animation.