Fear of God and PacSun have reunited for another collection.

The brand will roll out the third installment of its diffusion line at select PacSun locations later this month. And for this go-around, Jerry Lorenzo and the retailer decided to go back to basics.

Aptly titled F.O.G. Essentials, the upcoming range will deliver 40 wardrobe staples with distinct Fear of God elements. The monochromatic collection will include hoodies, bombers, tees, tanks, and sweats, all which are presented in clean, understated colorways—black, white, gray, and beige—with oversize fits and various proportions, which you know will be great for layering.

The F.O.G. Essentials collection will drop online at 9 p.m. ET March 31 and will hit select PacSun stores April 1. The pieces, which will range from $40 to $300, can be seen in the lookbook below.

Lorenzo recently gave his first in-depth interview to Complex earlier this month, in which he discussed his inspirations, the creation of Fear of God, and the brand’s future. You can check out the story here.

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