On one September morning, Whoopi Goldberg wore a red, oversized hoodie from the ultra-hyped fashion label Vetements on The View. Yes, Whoopi. Yes, The View. And yes, Vetements. It was a welcomed co-sign for us, but surprising nonetheless. Who knew Whoopi was up on pricey, avant garde fashion? But this was only one of a few unexpected style moments this year. The Internet turned Hillary Clinton's pantsuits into a meme, comparing them to classic looks from Death Row Records' days. Travis Scott became the face of a Saint Laurent campaign—a huge win for him and for hip-hop. The Weeknd cut his signature hair. Juicy Couture's tracksuits made a comeback. What a time to be alive.

2016 was a bizarre year, to say the least. Here are the best, most shocking moments in fashion from the last 365 days.