Anna Wintour had a sit-down with Donald Trump Tuesday as ABC's Candace Smith reported the two met for a half-hour and "discussed a range of issues."

There is no information as to the purpose of Vogue's longtime Editor-In-Chief meeting with Trump or specifics on what the pair discussed, yet. The meeting came a day after news began to spread that Wintour apologized for her previous comments criticizing the president-elect's foundation. The Mirror reported the fashion icon had previously said "Trump's foundation has done nothing" and that he would use his presidency to "profit personally for himself and his family."

The Mirror contacted Wintour regarding the statement. "I immediately regretted my comments, and I apologize," she commented. "I hope that President-elect Trump will be a successful president for us all." A spokesperson for Vogue confirmed that quote, according to NY Magazine's The Cut

News of the meeting arrives shortly after the world found out that Kanye West stopped by Trump Tower Tuesday morning as well for a 15-minute meeting. Trump told the press that he and the rapper discussed "life" while West stayed silent during the quick photoshoot with press in the lobby. However, reports later surfaced claiming the pair met to discuss a potential "ambassdor" role. We'll continue to update this story as more details become available.