With all the craziness surrounding Donald Trump and the election, let's all relax a little bit and debate the issues that really matter—like the color of these flip-flops. This is like the controversy over whether The Dress was white and gold or blue and black, except this time, we need a lot more help to distract us from the terribleness of 2016.

Many people thought the answer was clear. It's black and blue, right?

Oh, wait, no, it's white and gold.

Yeah, it's definitely white and gold.

Just kidding, it's definitely black and blue.

Some people got super heated about the flip-flops.

Okay, so the color of the flip-flops isn't really clear to social media users, but many on Twitter agreed on one thing—we don't need another debate like we had over The Dress:

Alright, and we hate to spoil it for you like this, but the flip-flops are actually blue and dark blue, Havaianas confirmed to BuzzFeed News. You can cop your own pair of Havaianas here.